Throwing a successful garden party – tips and tricks

As soon as the weather gets nicer and temperatures rise, everybody will want to hang out outside. We all love enjoying the fresh air in a summer afternoon, so if the warm season is approaching and you need to organise an event in the upcoming period, then making it a garden party could be a great idea. Of course, throwing a party may be stressful and demanding, which is why you need to start planning everything with some time in advance. Choose a date, make the guest list, think about the menu and start making some changes in the garden, to gain enough space so that everyone feels comfortable. As an event organiser, you are probably worrying that things will not go according to the plan. This might happen, but here are some suggestions you should keep in mind to prevent undesirable incidents:

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Prepare for any type of weather

Although your party may be happening in summer, chances are the weather has a surprise for you. It is well known that outdoor events may get a weird twist because of unexpected weather conditions, so the best thing you should do is prepare a backup plan. Fortunately, there are plenty of marquee manufacturers offering a wide selection of products you can purchase or rent for a special event. These are not only extremely elegant, but also the perfect option in case you are thinking about organising a party outside, but you also have some spare space where you can install the marquee. Besides providing you shelter in case it rains, it can also be the ideal venue at night when the temperatures tend to get low. If people are having a good time, the party could last until midnight, so you can move everything inside if the chill makes guests feel uncomfortable.

Make sure the music does not stop

As same as with any other event, the success of a garden party depends on music. For this reason, you have to make sure you prepare a comprehensive play list, which has to include as many genders as possible. This way, you ensure all the guests listen to something they like. In addition to this, in case you do not have enough sockets outside, remember to get enough extension cords to secure energy to the speakers, computers or even DJ mixer, of you have one. Too many cords may get messy and dangerous, so you need to figure out how to hide them to prevent accidents and keep the place elegant and neat.

Arrange the décor

Last but not least, you need to think about decorations. Although the party is taking place outside and you want everything to be as natural as possible, you still have to add some small details. From lights to balloons, colourful flowers to large vases and puffy cushions, all these need to match each other, for a nice result. Avoid combining too many elements, because you will end up throwing a confusing party.