Tips for Creating a Moroccan Themed Living Room

The East culture impresses with an outstanding architecture and stunning interior designs that reflect great energies and magical vibes, which seems very exotic to other cultures. Filled with magnetic colors and fabulous ornaments, the Moroccan style can encourage anyone to use more extravagant and bold ideas to decorate their home. Therefore, today we are going to find out the rules that we need to respect in order to create a Moroccan themed living room.

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A Moroccan themed living room is the best example for describing the Eastern style. Colors which are not popular for our homes are normal for a Moroccan house, and since Morocco is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, we will see that all shades of blue are used to embellish walls, and to create a vivid interior design. Furthermore, the colors of the sky at sunset are also used to boost the aspect of a room, so if you want to create a Moroccan interior design, we advise you to opt for orange, yellow, red, pink and purple hues for your walls. Depending on your preferences, you can use the same color to paint three of your walls, and a different color for painting the fourth wall.


The best way to highlight a Moroccan themed living room is to use brightly colored poufs and contrasting floor pillows to enhance the place. Furthermore, you can make your traditional couch match the Moroccan style by covering it with a material that features pink and green stripes. Although you might think that using too much colors will make the place look busy, you can choose furniture patterns that can calm down the colors, and help you to create a dreamy decor. Low tables are very representative for the Eastern style, so you should consider that when planning to create a great living room design. Exotic-inspired furniture is quite popular among men, so if your father loves it, then check out the home improvement gift suggestions on


When choosing the accessories for your living room, keep in mind to search for geometric patterns and intricate textures. Here are some ideas that you might find very useful:

  • Leaded-glass chandeliers with a combination of bright purples, blues and pinks can work miracles for the place, especially because it will add a soft, cheerful glow to the room.
  • Another great way to highlight your living room theme is to embellish your floors by displaying a Moroccan rug that will capture everyone’s attention.
  • You can use a mirror that features mosaic accents and small tiles to create a focal point. We guarantee you that you will love the result.

The Moroccan interior design style is very popular at the moment. Nevertheless, it is not suitable for every home. Your interior design should be fashionable, but it should also reflect your own personality. Visit if you want to discover more interior design ideas. This website also contains a lot of helpful home and garden tips and numerous other ideas that will help you improve your life.