Use the ribbons like an expert wedding designer

The ribbons are still on when it comes to creating some amazing decorations for the wedding party. They are such special accessories, thanks to the fact that they are versatile, colourful and they can impress the guests. But, when you feel like running out of ideas, you can check the designers’ recommendations and choose the best options for you. Here they are some tips when it comes to using affordable ribbons for creating accessories.

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Wedding dream catchers made of ribbons

They are the easiest thing to do with the help of ribbons. You can watch some You Tube videos for a fast learning. The most interesting part is that dream catchers can bring you good luck. But you have to make sure that you choose properly the colours.

Add ribbons to your wedding favours

There are many people who say that a wedding is not complete without favours. However, they are probably right. The favours are regarded as a symbol of gratitude when it comes to your special guests. In order to create favours, you have two options: you can order organza bags and fill them with candies or small pieces of chocolate or you can add ribbons to other types of favours. For example, there are couples who like the efficient favours. They prefer offering to their guests small pieces of soap or bottles of frequencies. But they also add a ribbon for making everything look fancy and elegant.

Ribbons for your candy bar

Candy bars are not just a trend. They are the best way to organise the favourite products of those who love sweets. And you can add them all: candies, cookies, cakes, ice-creams, marshmallows and the list may go on and on. But in order to make everything look better, you can add some ribbons for decorating the candy bar.

A special wedding dress

There are people who say that there is no other outfit more special the one that you have to wear on your wedding day. But, if you want to look spectacular, you have to transform a regular wedding dress into something out of the ordinary. For example, you can add a ribbon, if it is too simple. Also, there are brides who prefer using the ribbons for their gloves or even shoes. But all depends on their preferences. You should choose what suits you best. Use your imagination in a creative way!