Useful Tips for Elegant Pet Friendly Houses

For those who own a pet, it is like part of the family, and owners do their best to create a pet-friendly environment that will make their little buddy feel safe and comfortable. Adapting your house to the pet’s needs is something you should do if you have a pet and you want to take good care of it. Here are some useful tips that will help you turn your house into a real home for you pet, while keeping the house clean, elegant and tidy.

Create a sleeping area

Make sure you create the pet’s special place for sleeping, other than your bed. Install a cozy pillow or a bed specially designed for pets, that will let the pet know exactly where it is supposed to sleep. If your pet insists on climbing your bed in order to feel you close, or if you like to feel the presence of your pet at night, you can turn one of your bedside tables into a sleeping place for the pet. Simply remove the door and install a pillow on the bottom shelf and you will have a perfect pet bed that is close enough to you, that is elegant and matches your home interior.
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Pet dining area

The area where the pet eats is also very important, if you don’t want to see food spread all over the house. Get your pet a few bowls for food and water and place them side by side, this way your pet will know where it is allowed to eat. A very ingenious idea in to incorporate the bowls at the bottom of your kitchen counter, this way your pet will eat next to you and it will not spill the food.

Delineate the playground

Playgrounds are very important, especially if you own a playful and lively pet such as cats, and you don’t want it to devastate your stuff. Grow some catnip on your desk and you will have a lively working décor, as your cat will happily wander your desk. A two-boarded desk is perfect for your cat to play inside the boards and keeps it away from your paperwork. If your cat tends to sharpen its claws using your furniture, a cat scratching post is perfect to keep your cat busy and happy and your furniture in perfect condition. These posts consist in a board and several tubes covered in rough fabric, that are perfect for the cat’s scratching needs. Some models have a grooming brush that will remove the excess hair while the cat rubs onto the brush.
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