Ways to take care of your lawn

The lawn is a badge for every homeowner and a place for your entire family to sit back and relax. Most people take pride in their garden, spending millions very year on yard care such as fertilizers or lawnmowers. If you want your landscape to look healthy, you should take into account what it needs. Spring is around the corner, so you have little time to make some time for your lawn. You will need the basics, namely water, fertilizer and a lawnmower. In order to get these down, please visit http://www.gardenatseasons.com/. For the rest, consider using the following tips.

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Mow, mow, mow

One of the best things you can do for your lawn is to mow it. It is necessary to mow the grass when it is growing in order to keep your yard looking healthy. Otherwise, it will be affected by weeds. Grass is similar to most plants, which means that if you clip the growing points, it will become fuller. During springtime, you should mow at least once a week. If you do not mow your landscape at least once a week, it will turn into a meadow. When are going away and you cannot take good care of your landscape, it is a good idea to hire a lawn service.

Feed the grass in the spring

In order to help your grass grow lush, you should apply a range of fertilizers. The amount of feed that you should use ultimately depends on the richness of the soil. You should also take into account any weed issues. Apply no more than one pound of nitrogen fertilizer in the spring in early summer to ensure your lawn starts spring healthier. Some say that it is best to germinate the soil in autumn because in this period the roots grow at a rapid pace.

Install a water irrigation system

To make sure that the grass has a constant water supply, consider installing an irrigation system. With regards to the installation, you should get help from a professional plumber. It is essential to water the landscape thoroughly in dry periods due to the fact that they can lose their elasticity when you walk on it. You should make sure to move the hoses every half hour to cover all your yard. In order to determine how much water your landscape actually needs, pay close attention to the type of soil.