What are empty leg flights?

You might have heard of the phrase empty leg charters or flights. You might even know someone who has tried this method of travelling before. Regardless of the case, the notion of empty leg flights is still undefined in your vocabulary and this is such a shame because you are missing out on a great opportunity without even knowing it. Stick with us and you will discover a trick that many aviation fans use regularly and which saves them thousands of pounds over time.


When and what is empty leg charter space?

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This notion covers the possibility of a flight to be reserved by customers of a private airline only for a one-way journey. This means that the company needs to spend a large amount of money and resources on the return journey without any profit whatsoever. To cut down on losses, they try to fill in the plane at least partially for the turnaround flight, even if that means selling tickets at below than average prices. And the deals are significant. Ticket fares can drop as much as 70% from their original value if the company needs to fill in this sort of flights.


Why do carriers accept such low prices for these tickets?


The truth of the matter is that any company would rather lose a little than lose a lot and this principle is true no matter the industry. Instead of handling the costs of operating an empty jet, housing its crew on the layover and filling the tank with fuel even if there are no clients on board, the charter firms are far more likely to offer advantageous deals on the return flights with unoccupied seats as long as they can earn something to reduce costs. It works for them and it also works for the customers who can enjoy the experience of flying privately at a far lower rate than usual.


What about flexibility and schedules?


Well, this can be a problem since the very notion of flying privately implies a full level of flexibility and adaptability from behalf of the company. Basically, if the weather allows it the plane will take off whenever and wherever you wish. If you book an empty leg seat, then things obviously change. The plane has to return on a set date and its crew can depart according to a specific schedule. This means that you will not have all the benefits of going on a private flight, but who cares when you can travel in style and safety for less than half the price?