What makes Toyota Prius stand out between the hybrid cars?


If you want to buy a hybrid car, then you should take into consideration Toyota Prius. It is the first massed manufactured hybrid car, and it offered drivers from all around the world the possibility to take a step into the future of vehicles. In 2017, Prius debuted a new model, which was designed to marvel drivers. Except of the first model, all the following ones were introduced in the United States. This car is a Toyota sedan that features an electric/petrol drive train. In Edmunds opinion, the 2017 Toyota Prius comes with features that will make it one of the most sold-out cars of the world.

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Toyota Prius has a futuristic rear design

This generation of Prius inherits the triangular silhouette and the sleek lines from the previous models, but if features an aerodynamic design. The look of this model is similar to the one of Toyota Mirai. The manufacturer stated that for this model, they decided to lower the roof 20 mm. together with it, they have also lowered the hood. Even if it has the same wheelbase as the other models, this one has a larger interior. The body of the car is more rigid and they worked hard to improve the driving comfort and stability. So, you will drive a more safe and comfortable Prius, if it were to compare the experience with the one of the older models.

It is fuel efficient

When a new Prius is launched on the market, people look at its hybrid technology, because they expect to see some improvements there. But this time, the manufacturer not only that improved the hybrid technology, but they also brought something new when it comes to fuel efficiency. Toyota focused on improving the transmission efficiency and the thermal efficiency of the Prius. For this, they had to enhance the electric motors, the power train systems and the electric motors. Not long ago, Toyota stated that they developed an in-house high-efficiency silicon carbide. This means that the new Prius benefits of the advantages if SiC semiconductors which reduce the energy loss and create a less on-resistance. This improvement will raise the Prius’ fuel efficiency to around 36 km/1.

This generation of Toyota Prius inherits the styling DNA of the older models and it has a high-efficient engine. And what is more, is that it will come equipped with next-generation hybrid systems, that will make use of the SiC power semiconductors.