Which industries can claim a UK tax rebate?

A tax refund can be defined as the difference between the financial contributions you pay and those that you owe. In other words, if you have paid too much, you are entitled to a rebate from the HM Revenue & Customs. The situation is even better if you wear a uniform. To be more precise, people that work in certain industries have the opportunity to claim a UK tax rebate. Whether you are required to travel to temporary workplaces or to wash your uniform yourself, you can get your money back. Yet, it is important to stress that tax rebates are not all about uniform laundry or travel expenses. They address a number of issues, depending on the industry in which you work. If you are curious to find out which are some of the industries that can solicit a reimbursement, keep on reading.

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If you work in the healthcare industry, you are indeed fortunate because you can claim a tax refund. The limited group of employees that can solicit a rebate is formed of midwives, nurses, doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals. You have the possibility to submit a claim for expenses relating to uniform cleaning. If your current employer does not make available laundry facilities, you are not obligated to support the cost of cleaning. Additionally, healthcare professionals can claim tax back on transportation fees. For example, if you use your own car for patient visits, you are entitled to a refund. What you should not do is miss the chance to get financial relief.


While it might seem surprising, the truth is that professional sport athletes can solicit refunds for their expenses as well. They too have to travel. Actually, athletes are constantly on the road. Whether you are a sport pro or a semi-pro and you carry out activities with a view to making profit, you are taxable and consequently have the right to apply for a rebate. What you have to keep in mind is that you are paying a lot for medical examinations and accommodation and it is not fair to handle these expenses. It is important to pay attention to the fact that you should keep a detailed record of the expenditure related to your sporting activity.

Gambling industry

The gambling industry is yet another lucky one that can claim tax refund. The employees of such businesses can request a reimbursement for work-related expenses. Cashiers as well as croupiers lose money every year because they are not aware that they claim tax back for uniform laundry or for Personal Function Licences. Every person working in this industry is required to have a PLF and it is needless to say that this authorization is not cheap.

To conclude, it is important to mention that there are many other industries that can apply for a tax rebate. What you have to remember is that you can benefit a lot, but you have to do some research to find out whether the field in which you work is one of the lucky ones. You may be able to improve your personal finance.