Why polka dot ribbons never go out of style?

If you are a person who likes ribbons, you should try to use them more, for creating some original accessories, decorations or even clothes. And a good suggestion is investing in a cute polka dot ribbon or more because they never go out of fashion.

Why polka dot ribbons never go out of style?

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  • They are cute and they can be matched with other clothes and decorations.
  • If you use polka dot ribbons for your outfit, they can help you stand out. But the biggest challenge is the way you combine these accessories with the rest of the clothes. Do not exaggerate!
  • Polka dot ribbons remind you of your childhood. Just try to think about Minnie Mouse, the famous Walt Disney’s character which always used to wear a polka dot bow and a matching dress. And if you do not like Minnie, you can think about Marilyn Monroe, who also is famous for her polka dot bikini which was worn for the first time in 1951.

Some creative ways to use polka dots ribbons, without any effort:


Isn’t it right that you like handmade decorations which are done by using ribbons, but you do not like to lose a lot of precious time for making them? Well, here they are some things that can be ready in less than a half of hour. And you don’t even have to be a very handy person.


  • Original home decorations which are done with the help of polka dots ribbons. For example, due to the fact that Christmas is close, you can use these ribbons to transform your regular lampshade into something special. And the only thing you have to do is wrap the lampshade into a polka dot ribbon.
  • Moreover, you can use ribbons for your curtains too in order to make them look festive. But be careful how you match the patterns and colours. Polka dot ribbons are cute, but sometimes they can be somehow difficult to match.
  • And if your Christmas table looks too boring, you can add some joy by putting a red and white polka dot ribbon around every glass or cup. The same rule applies in the case of plates, but it can be somehow difficult to keep the ribbon clean when you eat.
  • On the other hand, polka dot ribbons are the main secret for creating a ’40 outfit, when you want to go to a thematic party. Or, here there is a better suggestion: why don’t you organise your own party? And you can ask your guests to respect a dress code which includes ribbons. Invite everybody to prove his or her creativity when it comes to these accessories!