Wood flooring – a sustainable choice for your house

The floors represent a crucial element of your house. They play an important role not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also in terms of security, sustainability and real estate. A solid floor ensures stability, resists longer and is also an aspect that brings added value (literally), if you ever want to sell your house. There are various types of wooden floorings, and among the most popular you should know about solid plank and engineered wood flooring UK. These two are extremely similar, and unless you are an expert, you will find it difficult to see the differences between them. No matter which is your final choice, you can be sure that you make the right call.


Which one is the best choice?

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Experts have debated a lot the subject ‘engineered flooring vs. solid plank’, and there are various pros and cons on each side, which has often led to confusions. However, if you are just a citizen looking for the best choice, you must know that both materials offer a natural look to the interior, even if they are actually two different products. The distinctions appear as far as installation is concerned and also in terms of price (the procedures vary, because engineered floors tend to behave a bit different and are less expensive). Consequently, your option depends on the company you are collaborating with and your budget: both alternatives are extremely resistant (to fire and flood damage) and will bring warmth and comfort to your house. Remember that these features may vary depending on the species of wood, because each of them has its own characteristics that you should understand before making the final choice.


Wooden floor is easy to maintain

Contrary to the common belief, wooden floor is resistant and durable. There are still some people who think that it is difficult to maintain and clean, but this is not true: since it is protected by the finish and by an exterior layer of lacquer, dirt cannot penetrate the surface so permanent stains will rarely appear. Of course, this depends on the shade and the quality of the finish, so keep these in mind when you choose the most suitable option. Wooden floor is so resistant that it can survive to furniture relocation without any scratch – all you have to do is perform some basic maintenance operations. If you take care properly of your floor, you will be able to enjoy it for a long period of time, not to mention that you can always change its finish, in case you get bored.