You never thought to use ribbons like this

In a world where everyone is trying to be unique and to make a visible statement, it has become a common day rule for us to decorate our homes and mould the spaces around us in the most ingenious and creative ways possible. No one is buying the classic décor items that all the neighbours already have or will have it in the near future! Nowadays people are turning towards individualized furniture and custom made pieces for their homes, which represent them more than the rest of the large scale products. In the age of DYI videos, certain items are becoming increasingly sought after. The popularity of handmade crafts and items for the home is rising and websites such as are at the forefront of the change. Their ribbons and bows are famous for their beauty and high quality, but the versatility of these items is also a key feature that many seem to be unaware of. Here are some of the most relevant examples of how you can use ribbons, even though you never thought about these little tricks before!

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  1. Fancy hair dues

Did you even think that you can use ribbons as hair accessories? We bet you never imagined how many exquisite hair dues and stylish braids can be made with the help of a beautiful or unique ribbon hank. Look for a professional manufacturer like the company mentioned above and you will be given the possibility to customise your hank with the words or symbols you please. Have a happy time choosing them!


  1. Kitchen organiser systems

Custom made ribbons can also be used to organise your kitchen better than ever before. Imagine the following scenario: you are looking for the sugar jar and accidentally pour a little bit of salt in your hot drink, instead of the sweetening product? This is even worse when you have a lot of spices from various cultures and you cannot find a jar that labels them beautifully. Therefore, order some bespoke ribbon and place it around the jar with the corresponding herbs or spices. This is especially useful when you are trying to remember words or names, especially if you are not used to each of the condiments. Not to mention it can be a great way to leave encouraging messages for your loved ones, as an incentive to help you out with all the household chores. Examples include custom ribbons with phrases such as: “Wash me, please!”, “Don’t forget the trash!”, “I like clean and tidy kitchens!”.


  1. Learning and decorating at the same time

The little ones can also benefit from the extraordinary uses of coloured ribbons. Just put your imagination to the test and you can come up with the most original ways to wrap the gorgeous hanks around key points of their rooms, to make them look more playful and bring an extra touch of colour that all kids love. You can even teach them new words in foreign languages by ordering a ribbon with the name of each object in that particular language and then placing it around that item.